Open violations can create a problem during the potential sale of a building or when changing the Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Owners frequently call on Park Projects Consulting to clean their building profile for a pending sale—or to correct penalties incurred by tenants. In fact, most buildings in New York City have some sort of open violation at any given time.

While many violations are posted on the Buildings Information System (BIS), online research reveals an incomplete picture. Certain violations and liens require additional digging done by a NYC DOB BIS expeditor.

Some companies specialize in violations research. They’ve automated the process and charge a small fee to deliver a comprehensive list of open violations, including Stop Work Orders, liens, and civil penalties.


Our Violations Division does more than identify pending violations and penalties. We examine the underlying issues and create a strategy to clear up the problems. Because we have an experienced team that specializes in violations, we understand how to resolve and pay—or sometimes dismiss—various types of violations.

Every day, our team sends a representative to the Environmental Control Board (ECB), the Department of Buildings (DOB), and the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY). Close relationships, coupled with intimate knowledge of the violations process, allow us to advise clients on timelines and payment options. We know which liens and penalties can be waived or reduced and which violations require persistent follow-up. As with our Approvals & Permits and our Sign-Offs , Metropolis clients benefit from the speediest, most cost-effective route to resolve their building issues.

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