Construction projects often require the services of licensed third parties, who provide objective testing and oversight of critical project components, including environmental issues and special inspections. During the past three decades, in addition to offering NYC DOB expediting services, Metropolis has worked with many of the firms providing these special services, and we have developed close partnerships with several that share our core values.


Not surprisingly, we’ve developed the closest relationships with companies that have similar cultures to our own. Our partners are well-established firms, with a proven track record. These providers range in size—allowing us to refer the right partner for a client’s specific needs—but all deliver professional service, with a quick turnaround. In short, we trust them to take care of our clients with the same diligence and commitment that we do.

For clients that do not already have a trusted vendor, we can refer a company to provide any of the following services:

  • Environmental Testing. These companies perform testing and remediation for lead and asbestos, as well as hazardous material management, environmental assessments, and mold and indoor air quality investigations. These specialists also handle the decommissioning of water coolers.
  • Risk Management. These licensed professionals help improve construction site safety, while enhancing operations and logistical systems. In addition to safety consulting, our partners can provide on-site safety managers and NYC DOB expediting services licensed by the Department of Buildings (DOB), the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY), and/or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Special Inspections. These firms have the license and accreditation to handle all special inspection categories (TR-1), including energy code inspections (TR-8). Other offerings include structural steel inspections, concrete services, soil testing and site preparation, and masonry services.

Clients may work directly with the service provider, or Metropolis can manage the relationship. Whatever the arrangement, clients receive seamless, timely service—the result of ongoing communication and a shared work ethic.

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