Many clients turn to Park Projects Consulting,Inc during the earliest stages of planning. Developers will contact us and share their vision. Our building code consultant researches the targeted area to determine suitability for the proposed project. These feasibility studies cost little, yet prove invaluable in avoiding potential issues.

Such early partnership is especially beneficial for new buildings in a highly regulated city like New York. Our building code consultant expertise has cemented our reputation as specialists in complex construction. The head of our New Buildings & Major Alterations Division attends all project kick-off meetings—from site selection and team introductions—and coordinates with our code and zoning professionals at every step. We identify the various municipal agencies with jurisdiction, as well as potential challenges, and develop a comprehensive construction strategy.


Throughout the construction process, code consultants review preliminary drawings to ensure regulatory compliance. This expert analysis allows design professionals to address issues that could lead to objections. Early identification also enables clients to pursue other options—such as determinations—without derailing the construction schedule.

In-depth knowledge of every aspect of regional construction processes supports all Metropolis service offerings. In addition to our Code & Zoning Division, we have in-house experts who specialize in plumbing regulations, energy code, violations, and even Department of Transportation requirements. Bottom line: the insider knowledge of our code consultants in NYC saves clients time and money by helping clients create the most efficient strategy from planning to occupancy.

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