Now you can pay Park Projects Consulting, Inc retainers, open invoices, and many city agency fees quickly and easily at one payment portal. Instead of waiting weeks for agencies to cash your check and credit your account, payment is as fast as entering your credit card information on our convenient portal.

You don’t even have to know which agency charges the fee. We’ll automatically route your payment to the correct agency.

Fast. Easy. Safe. Organized.

  • Instead of sending forms and checks to multiple city agencies, just visit our payment portal:
  • Payments are quickly routed to the correct agency.
  • Payments are credited much faster than mailing a check.
  • Secure website uses 256-bit encryption to safeguard your payment information.
  • No need for stamps, envelopes or back-office time and expenses.
  • Instant receipts verify payments have been made.
  • Monthly reports track all fees.

Pay these city fees (and more) in minutes:

  • After Hours Variance Permit Fee
  • DOT Fee
  • Foundation and Earthwork Fee
  • Landmark Fee
  • Permit Renewal Fee
  • Post Approval Amendment Fee
  • Pre-Determination or Reconsideration Fee
  • TCO Renewal Fee
  • Violation Copy Fee

Extra convenience for Metropolis clients

You can use the same convenient payment portal to pay Metropolis invoices, new project retainers, and other fees, ensuring that your projects stay on schedule—and on budget.

Don’t spend time and money processing forms, checks and postage, then waiting weeks for payment to be credited. Don’t scramble when last-minute or emergency fees are due.

Get rid of payment headaches with our new fast, easy, secure payment portal.

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