We live in the complex world of construction and municipal regulations. Our relationships with city officials go back decades. When the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) tests innovations like the Hub and DOB NOW, they consult our experts for guidance. Similarly, when we encounter a construction challenge, we can pick up the phone and get a direct answer.


At the start of every new building or major alteration project, our division head meets with a NYC DOB expeditor to review the planned scope. These early consultations—long before the filing process begins—streamline the construction strategy that drives the multi-year project.

Tenured project managers provide a single point of contact for these complex engagements. Typically having at least five years of experience, these individuals understand the myriad filing requirements, from paperwork and support documentation to responsible parties at the various agencies. Their firsthand knowledge allows them to collect the appropriate information in a timely, efficient manner.

In addition, these managers maintain continuous communication with project team members and provide clients with weekly progress reports. Extended projects like new buildings and major alterations especially benefit from our high employee retention rates, which contribute to consistent, superior service.


While Park Projects Consulting specializes in complex construction, clients also rely on us for minor alterations. Project managers in this division are assigned to specific buildings. They develop relationships with the owners and key players, learning the intricacies of each address. These connections help simplify the construction process for tenants. We know, for instance, whether a building will allow professional certification or which company provides asbestos testing.

Naturally, clients with minor alteration projects receive the same efficient coordination and communication as new buildings and major alterations, all at competitive permit expeditor fees.


 Park Projects Consulting works closely with plumbers—so much so that we’ve created a dedicated Plumbing Division. This team stays abreast of plumbing regulations, allowing plumbing professionals to focus on the work itself. We handle permits and work closely with the Sign-Off Division to secure timely Certificates of Occupancy (COs).


Our Energy Code Division keeps projects in compliance with New York State Energy Conservation Construction Codes, including the 2016 edition. These in-house experts understand the nuances of state energy regulations and offer a comprehensive range of support services, from general energy code consulting to plan reviews and audit responses.

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